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radia #591 - La Pierre du vivant (extraits) & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE: radia #442

radia #591 von Pascal Queru für JET FM & radia #442 Cueillette von Luc Kerleo für JET FM

Homme d’image, plasticien de formation, le son est pour moi une matière texturée épousant l’espace et le temps. Sons électroniques ou concrets, rencontre de l’aléatoire et du cycle, va et viens entre structures dodécadécimales et jeu de fréquences natives des sons malaxés, jeu de spatialisation des sources sonores pour l’auditeur contribuent à un paysage singulier et expressif.
Ma rencontre avec Evelyne Jolivet, chorégraphe, a été l’occasion d’appliquer cette approche sonore à son projet de triptyque de danse contemporaine “la pierre du vivant”, étendu à 5 tableaux dansés.
Dans cette collaboration, au delà de l’expression au service de l’intention poétique du chorégraphe, des questions se sont vite imposées : Comment avancer ensemble, Evelyne Jolivet dans son écriture du mouvement, moi dans la construction de ma réponse sonore ? Comment composer dans l’espace scénique et dans le temps imparti au corps humain (les danseurs) ?
Une approche commune de la création et de nombreuses étapes (itérations) ont contribué à l’aboutissement de ce projet : Evelyne et moi accueillons les aspérités, ruptures, accidents et autres imprévus de la matière de l’un comme de l’autre. Il en résulte un spectacle aboutis et caractérisé …une expérience stimulante.
Après quelques essais fructueux de part et d’autre, Evelyne et moi développerons ensemble quelques performances improvisées et y combinerons d’autres disciplines.

Merci à Anne-Laure Lejosne (JET FM) pour ce montage et cette invitation à la diffusion.

crédits photo : Paul Pascal


“Man of image, trained as a visual artist, the sound is for me a textured material which moulds space and time. Electronic or concrete sounds, meeting of random and cycle, back and forth between dodecadecimal structures and games of mixed sounds native frequency, games of sound sources for the audience to contribute to a singular and expressive landscape.

My meeting with Evelyne Jolivet, choreographer, was the opportunity to put this sound approach into practice to her project of contemporary dance trilogy “la pierre du vivant”, spread out to 5 dancing scenes.

In this collaboration, above the expression serving the choreographer poetic intention, some questions were quickly asked: How to keep on going together, Evelyne Jolivet with her movement writing, me in my sound answer building ? How to compose in the stage area and in the timing allowed to a human body (the dancers) ?

A common approach of creation and several steps (iterations) contributed to this project completion : Evelyne and I are welcoming the sharpness, breaks, accidents and other material mishaps from the one to the other. It follows an accomplished and distinctive show… a stimulating experience.

After few prolific trials here and there, Evelyne and I will be developing improvised performances adding to it other disciplines.

Thank you Anne-Laure Lejosne (JetFM) for this mounting and invitation for diffusion.”

crédits photo : Paul Pascal



Show 442: Cueillette by Luc Kerleo

Jet FM asked Luc Kerleo to invade her studios. Several sound-objects were placed in the offices, corridors, toilettes… Curiosly the broadcast studios were not used. Then some people were invited to visit this exhibition made of artificial noises bursting in those different locations around the studios, playing with its acoustic, its visual ambiency, its context… The result is a 28 minutes radio show where Luc Kerleo explain his work and where you can hear the sounds of the exhibition mixed with the music which was on air at that time and some real noises due to people working in the radio.

from signal to space
Luc Kerleo act as a sculptor. He works with moving and instable things like sound, electricity, mechanical movements, liquids and gaz, thoughts. He mainly works with sound for two reasons. First, compared to visual, sound is a discrete manifestation. One of his preoccupations is to make people feel things without having to recover and hide a part of the reality with objects which blocks up or invade the viewing field. Furthermore by listening reality he develops thoughts and reflexion structures which complete our cultural perception of what surrounds us, this perception which on a cultural aspect is mainly based on the visual. Notably the sounding requires us to consider not only what is in front of us but also, and equally, what surrounds us. But then the stake for him is the same than for artists acting in visual. Since it is about representing what surrounds and constitutes us. History and actuality of visual arts (painting, sculpture, installation, drawings, performances) constitute the territory to which Luc Kerleo refers and in which he moves around. Because they are bridges between thinking and action in reality.

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