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Sendung vom 20.03.2018 13:00:

Speak out loud! – Artistic Social Activism in Egypt

Interview with Fatma Abd Alsalam and Bnt Al Masarwa

Art is powerful. Art can reach people. Art can change the society. There are various artistic forms which can cause people to react in different ways. Female artists from Egypt try to raise awareness in the Egyptian society and give voices to a lot of women through their artistic productions.

Fatma Abd Alsalam is a videoblogger who talks about serious topics in a comedian and satirical way. She tackles stereotypes, gender roles and inequality in relationships in Egypt.

Bnt Al Masarwa is an Egyptian feminist band who also tries to break with stereotypes and gender based issues. Especially of the most marginalized groups in Egypt. Through musical and theatrical productions, they narrate the experiences of girls from different circumstances, backgrounds and identities. They will present the songs of their first album throughout the show.

Production: Amina El-Gamal

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Blue Dot Sessions – Vernouillet
Bnt Al Masarwa – Al-Masarwa Album
Bnt Al Masarwa - Lekol Wahda Hekaya