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Gender Equality & YOU

The European conference Gender Equality & YOU took place on 11-12 October 2018 in Vienna.
This conference was prepared by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, in cooperation with the Austrian National Youth Council and the European Youth Forum and was dedicated to the future priorities for the work on gender equality in the European Union (EU). It was supposed to create a space where people of diverse generations, backgrounds and organisations meet and discuss at eye level: young people and youth representatives, Ministers for Gender Equality, political representatives from EU organisations as well as experts from NGOs and public institutions. At the conference Tania Napravnik interviewed

Caroline Pavitsits- Austrian National Youth Council// Bundes Jugend Vertretung in Österreich (
Diana Sadounig + two youngsters from the „Mädchenzentrum Klagenfurt“ (
Sarah Diedro, Johanna Rath und Yona Schuh- Conference Participants
Joanna Maycock, Sofie Hansal- European Women's Lobby (
to get an overview about the conference's topics and discussion as well as different insights about the broad theme Gender Equality.

Langugages: English and German
More Information:
Broadcastproduction: Tania Napravnik in cooperation with Hanna Biller and Julia Rainer from the BJV.