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Sendung vom 12.11.2019 13:00:

My headscarf is challenging me

Muslim women are obliged to wear a Hijab that covers their head and body well in Islam.
If they do not wear a hijab or headscarf, they are considered as a bad person, who broke the rules of Allah and they face prejudice in the Muslim societies and their families.
Muslim women from Arab and African countries are struggling to adapt or fit in to the lives of communities that they came to whose are maybe culturally and religiously different.
Most of the refugee and immigrant women who wear Hijab or head scarf in Austria cannot get jobs because they are different from other non-Muslim women, and they experience challenges while they are in education or looking for jobs.
Some of them say that they are disappointed after getting a lot of negative decisions from job interviews and they end up giving up from their dream jobs because of the way they look or what they wear regardless of their qualifications and degrees!
On this show we talked to 4 women, who wear headscarf from Syria and Somalia. They shared with us their stories and the difficulties that they go through while looking for jobs.
This show is produced by Sara Abd El Magid and Hamdi Abdullahi
Music: Kinsi Haji Adam: Allahayoow dhib badanaa