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Indonesia: society, politics and tourism

A look into Indonesian society - identity and education, politics and history, and tourism.

With such a diverse nation, what is the unifying feeling, the national identity? According to Ignas Cassar, manager of a resort in Maumere, this is the "Pancasila". The "Pancasila" has the motto "Unity in Diversity", formulated by the first president of independent Indonesia, Sukarno: National Language, State’s Flag, National Anthem, National Emblem, National Motto, State’s Constitution, etc.

The second part will focus on education in Indonesia. Mr. Tony, who leads the BC Foundation, we talked about the education system in Indonesia, about the challenges and opportunities.

With this edition of Sweet Travels after the summer break, we start again into a travel season. Unfortunately only on radio and on audio basis respectively, because the Covid-situation and regulations make it impossible to travel these days. But we find it even more important and interesting to open a door into the „old world“, where travelling and getting to know other places and cultures, was still possible. And we keep believing that soon doors will open again to the „new world“ after Corona.

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Music For the Gods (Gamelan Music), The Fahnestock South Sea Expedition: Indonesia (recorded in Bali, Madura & Kangean Island, Indonesia 1941, Gamelan / Indonesian traditional music)

Slank – Indonesia Now
Slank – Indonesia Wow
Ungu - Indonesiaku

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