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Sendung vom 26.02.2020 15:00:


*SPECIAL* Jeanne's Heroine

Marie is 36 years old Danish film director, who just released the documentary „The Reformist- a female imam“. She worked a few years in theatre, then for the Danish TV, she loves to be behind the camera and document people and analyse change in society. She was in Syria when the war started - documenting the horror in a small town, she lived in. And for the movie we are talking about, she spent 4 years with the visionary muslim community in Denmark, who opened the first female-led mosque in Europe. In today's podcast, she talks about filming as therapy, about religion and faith, about societal change and the sometimes inevitable need of revolution, about doubt and perfectionism and about connection and magic moments in life.

Trailer of "The Reformist: A female Imam"

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