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Women in Bollywood & Speak out Sista!

The female side of a global dream factory; Portrait Lebogang Mashile

Teil 1: Women in Bollywood. The female side of a global dream factory

Bollywood is generaly and rightfuly considered as an entertainment industry. Bollywood, the heart of indian film industry produces the highest number of films in the world. Affecting the society and getting affected by it indian cinema has always tried to potray dreams of one billion indians.

We set out to find how Bollywood's interpretation reflects the aspirations of the women who brave the patriachly structured social set-up in order to carve a niche for themselves under the sun, who wants, just for once, to live her life her own way. The programme will cover history and themes of bollywood in relationship to women. It will also explore the undiscoverd parallel or off-beat films from india and the contribution of women in it.

Prepared by Sarita Jenamani

Music: classical musics from films, Bollywood hits from DJane Haji

Teil 2: Speak out Sista! Portrait Lebogang Mashile

„I am a part of South Africa mutating itself“, says South African artist Lebogang Mashile. Fifteen years after the end of Apartheid, her country is still in motion and flex.
Thinking of South Africa’s history, many can still remember all that hope and optimism inspired by the proclamation of a “Rainbow Nation”. Over the last few years though, the reports spread by the media have replaced the rainbow image by problematic scenarios about violence, HIV and corruption.
What is it all about then? To have an authentic picture of today’s society drawn with all its shades, Alte Schmiede invited some of the most important contemporary South African writers to Vienna to read and perform in the festival Literature in March - News from an other end of this world in March 2006.
Among the artists, representing different generations, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, was 27-year old Lebogang Mashile who in her work uses art as a tool for socio-political transformation. In a variety of fields, such as literature, performance, rap, theatre and social work, she is fighting for a generation of (young) women, for a space for them to be heard and for gender equality in every day life.
Women on Air spoke with her about art and engagement, identities, women and feminism.
The report includes parts of her life performance in Vienna and an interview.
Production: Eva Reinbacher
Audio documents: Interview with Lebogang Mashile (by Eva Reinbacher, March 2006, Vienna)
Lebogang Mashile life at Literature in March (March 2006, Vienna)
Antjie Krog in the panel discussion at Literature in March (March 2006, Vienna)

Music: Mamadou Diabate: „Finye ka bon“, „Maraka don“
Miriam Makeba: „Pata Pata 2000“
Nick Cave: „Nature Boy“
Prophets of da City: „Township Dwella“

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