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Sendung vom 26.04.2006 19:00:

Gulf meets Danube

Media experts, students and free lance journalists producing for Al-Jazeera from Doha/Qatar live at the studio

In the Arabian world the Doha based Al Jazeera TV-channel can count on an audience of more than 35 million people daily. Even in the US there are more than 135 thousand families to receive the channel via cable. This year Al Jazeera plans are to go international through a worldwide broadcasting English speaking channel.

What is the role of women in this media enterprise? Where are the experts from? And how is the next generation of Gulf media women trained?

Join our live discussion with our guests from Doha/Qatar. You can be sure, that we will give a special touch to the live-discussion with Gulf rhythms and Arabian hits.

Prepared by Helga Neumayer, Majadah Gassan-Hadaja und Lonita Kuyumji