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If not via literature, how can we know our power and that of others?

A studio live talk to Kenyan writer and activist Philo Ikonya

Literature is able to offer us insights into conditions and the reality of life, we never would be able to experience by ourselves. And even more, if this literature comes from human rights activists, who not only dedicate their life to literature but also to womanhood’s life in dignity.
How can we tell such stories in the best way? Where does the inspiration come from? What are hindrances and challenges? These are questions to discuss with Philo Ikonya, Kenyan writer, journalist and human rights activist. Between other oevres she is the author of the novels „Kenya, will you marry me?“ (2011) and „Leading the night“ (2010).
2009 Philo Ikonya was Oslo-city of refugee´s guest writer.

Program prepared and presented by Helga Neumayer (Frauensolidarität)

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