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Sendung vom 05.05.2016 15:00:

radia #579: Kunst Ist Tot & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by DeadPeoplesRecords for Eastside FM (Sydney, AU)

radia #579: Kunst Ist Tot
by DeadPeoplesRecords for Eastside FM (Sydney, AU)

“Right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’, proud clingers of our guns, our God, and our religions and our Constitution”


DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE präsentiert:
Ein "DeadPeoplesRecords Special" mit einer älteren Transmission aus dem Jahr 2015.

radia #555: Fuck Art: it’s DeadPeoplesRecords
by DeadPeoplesRecords for Eastside FM (Sydney, AU)

DeadPeoplesRecords is a montage sound artist. He spends many hours scouring the forgotten corners of of the human condition searching for abandoned, redundant and ignored audio. DeadPeoplesRecords enjoys the relationship that the human voice has with recorded and transmitting mediums while flippantly celebrating the absurdity of the ordinary.

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DeadPeoplesRecords artist page