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Sendung vom 09.05.2017 13:00:

"Power on" for Empowerment

In today's global world a newfound accessibility to communication tools are at our fingertips. People all around the world are using these technologies in unexpected, innovative, and subversive ways; telling their own stories, fostering community building, and even saving lives.

Lian Gogali of the Mosintuwu Institute is putting out the rumor wildfires with the radio waves.

Sean Baker breakdowns Hollywood norms with a dramatic, unapologetic, truth-telling film, Tangerine.

Independant filmmaker Juli Saragosa sheds light on how DIY can be a political act and enable people to tell their own stories.

CEO of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards and writer Chimananda Ngozi Adichie talk about invorigorating the feminist movement and how to be a proud and active feminist; not limited to your gender.

Two reps from the civil watchdog Alarmphone explain the role smartphones and modern communication technologies play in guaranteeing the safe passage of people crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
Sendungsgesgestaltung: Melanie Lyn und Lauren Wagner