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Sendung vom 21.12.2004 13:00:


mit 'Radio Simbani Africa' und 'Interworld Radio'

In der heutigen Sendung der Globalen Dialoge bringen wir im ersten Teil drei Beiträge von „Radio Simbani Afrika“ zu den Themen:
+ Agricultural marketing in Kenya;
+ CTA´s efforts food and nutrition security;
+ Little efforts for fight against hunger;

In der zweiten halben Stunde sind drei Beiträge von „interworld radio“ zu folgenden Themen zu hören:
+ Uganda: Girl soldiers rebuild their lives;
+ Ghana: Power to the people;
+ Argentina: The GM soya gold rush;


"Uganda: Girl soldiers rebuild their lives"
Children have paid a heavy price in the raging conflict in northern Uganda. More than 20,000 have been abducted by the rebels of the Lords Resistance Army, which has been fighting government forces for 18 years.
Now many of the children abducted and raped by the LRA have escaped. For some young women this means returning home with babies fathered by the rebels. Joel Tema reports.

"Ghana: Power to the people"
Cooking in the dark and sharing poor quality kerosene lamps are some of the measures households are using to cope with being cut off for not paying their electricity bills in Ghana's capital Accra.
They maintain electricity costs are too high while wages stay low - even though the Government still cushions prices through subsidies. Edwin Kumah-Drah reports.

"Argentina: The GM soya gold rush"
Argentina's landscape is transforming as the GM soya companies move in. Santiago Castillo, a farmer from San Pedro, has made enough money from the crop to pay off his debts and move to the city.
But, as other farmers join the 'gold rush', he wonders whether these changes will spell trouble for the land and its farmers. Gloria Beretervide visted Santiago at his brother's farm.