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radia #696 Cold Cuts & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

#696 by (guest producer) #291: Heimkehr by Rinus voan Alebeek Eramo for RadioX

During the shortest night of 2018, ten students from set out to make slow radio from various locations in the city of Weimar in Germany. The recordings of these six hours are chopped up and recombined for Radia, using Dieb13’s software ‘Schnitzel’. Laura Dang and Lefteris Krysalis interlaced a random Schnitzel cut with a more musical one. The outcome of this process is called “Cold Cuts”.

Produced by Dieb13, Laura Dang and Lefteris Krysalis.
Idea by Knut Aufermann.
Original image by XTO, edited by Laura Dang and Lefteris Krysalis.

Participants of the Slow Radio Show for Julius Baars, Konrad Behr, Laura Dang, Jan Glöckner, Lefteris Krysalis, Grit Lieder, Johann Mittmann, Janine Müller, Severin Schenkel, Anton Worch, Knut Aufermann & Martin Hirsch



Show 291: Heimkehr by Rinus van Alebeek and Alessandra Eramo

coming home from nowhere to somewhere – or was it the other way round? let´s see. or maybe better: let´s listen…

rinus van alebeek is a sound artist, writer and performer from holland, living and working in berlin and elsewhere. find out more about rinus van alebeek and his work at

alessandra eramo a.k.a ezramo is a sound artist, composer and performer from taranto, italy. she’s currently living and working in berlin, germany. further information about alessandra eramo a.k.a ezramo and her work can be found at

special thanks to corsica s. for the beautiful radiator sounds!