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Sendung vom 11.09.2019 20:00:

LIVE Radio Muse Roundtable #1

Discussion from April 13th 2019 hosted by Radio Študent

RadioMuse is bringing together some of Europe’s important music oriented independent radio stations with a tradition of bringing new, urban, alternative and local music to its listeners. Together we broadcast a trans-European on-air music magazine in the context of “Music Moves Europe”. More on RadioMuse

The project started with a kick-off in Ljubljana in April 2019 as well as a live on air discussion hosted at Radio Študent Ljubljana with representatives of Zagreb's Radio Student, ORANGE 94.0 and the French network of independent Radio Campus.

On April 13th 2019 the collaborators of four European radio initiatives teamed up for a roundtable under the auspices of RadioMuse and talked about the circumstances that led to the new project. Like the problems their independent music scenes in each country are facing, obstacles for music in a digital era, the importance of a human selection standing behind the music presented and possible futures for European music and with them for radio media ...

Host & Editor: Žiga Pucelj
Participants: Maite Baranger, Rosa Danner, Fanja Haibach, Ivan Kolar, Emile Palmantier, Vigor Vukotić

Orange will host a follow up discussion live on air FR Sept 13th from 13:00–14:00

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